Hire commercial units

Looking to hire commercial units near Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer, close to Schiphol Airport and major roads? You can do so at our head office in De Kwakel.

Besides having a convenient location, our commercial units are always accessible. You can use them seven days per week, night and day, without municipal restrictions.

Floor area and load
In total, we have 30,000 m² of commercial premises for hire, divided into individual units of just under 1200 m² (1188m², 13.5 x 88 metres). Each unit has its own entrance, two docks and five parking spaces. The different units can be linked together. The concrete floors in our commercial units are suitable for loads of up to 2,000 kg per m².

The buildings are provided with all the required facilities, such as their own temperature control, electricity, running water and phone, fax and internet connections. All units have their own central fire and emergency alarms. You can also reconfigure them to incorporate offices, canteens and cool cells. You can oversee the conversion work yourself or have the facilities configured for you by Van Zaal. It is also possible to configure the buildings as flowering, processing and/or storage facilities.

Green label
A unique feature of our commercial units is that we heat them ourselves. We do so by means of a combined heat and power plant and underground heat storage. The heat released by the power plant is stored in a buffer and is then used to heat the buildings. There are water pipes set into the concrete throughout the outdoor areas of our site. In summer, the water is pumped around these pipes, and then into an insulated aquifer. In winter, we pump the water back up using a heat exchanger and then use this heated water to heat our commercial units.

Additional services
If required, you can of course also use us to transport your products. Options include (full service) warehousing. Click here for more information about warehousing.

If you would like to know which firms already rent space from us, you can find them on the floor plan below. This also shows which units are still available.

Bedrijfsruimte plattegrond
Swipe right to see the full floor plan

Interested in using our services, or in receiving more information with no obligation?

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