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As a firm, we consider automation to be very important. Not just because it is convenient for us, but above all because it is practical and saves time for our customers. 

With Van Zaal Transport it is very simple to transmit your order digitally, either using our online order portal or from your own system. Besides that, our reports are automated too. Therefore, you are always up to date when it comes to your trolley balance. You can read more about these options under our submenus. Our times for submitting orders can you find under 'Order entry'. Curious about an example on how our automation can unburden your company? You can read this under the submenu 'VZT & Arie Bouman'.



Customer Ubink Cactus & Succulent submit a order via our digital portal                                                                                                         After submitting and checking, the orders is ready to be planned

Order entry via online order portal 
With Van Zaal Transport it is very simple to transmit your order digitally, either using our online order portal or from your own system. This has many advantages. For instance, you automatically build up a transaction history, making it easy to find all your orders. In addition, you can follow your order throughout the process. And if there are any changes, you can amend your order until late on in the process.

Order entry via email 
It is also possible to submit your order via email. This is only possible by using our template. After receiving the completed template, we enter your order into our system. Orders that are entered by us are charged with a surcharge. If the order is in our system, you receive an email with the request to check and approve the order. Only after your approval, we plan the order. 

Times for submitting orders
Would you like to know before what time you need to pass your order or before what time the trade has to be ready? Go the page 'Collective services' for a overview.

Note that from 1 January 2019 it is no longer possible to register an order by phone. You can only use our online order portal or send your order by e-mail, using our 'VZT template'. Contact us for more information.

You can follow your order on your smartphone or tablet with our Track & Trace app. That way, you know the current status of your shipment and the expected delivery time 24/7. We know exactly where your products are located because we scan the order several times during the transport process. So you not only know when an order will be delivered, you can also see when it is at a transfer point. In addition, with a single click you can see where your order is on Google Maps. Our systems have been designed so that an alert can be sent when a shipment is delivered or if there is a delay. 

You can download our app in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). To be enable to use it, you need an username and a password. Please contact our IT department to get you username and password.  


Our reports are automated too. Want to know your trolley balance? Want a list of all the shipments carried out within a specified period of time? Or do you want a copy of pre-arrival notifications for products we will be delivering at a set time or on a particular day? If so, we will send you a report. We make arrangements with every client regarding the frequency with which reports are sent; our system then sends them out automatically at set times.

Until recently, Arie Bouman Tuinplanten operated several trucks of their own, so that they would be flexible enough to be able order additional products up to the last moment. But when Arie Bouman Tuinplanten started talking to Van Zaal Transport, they realised that the process could be organised even more flexibly and efficiently. 

Previously, Arie Bouman Tuinplanten had to go through various steps to order additional products:

  • Generate a list of loading addresses for the Bouman trucks;
  • Look up a loading address where additional products could be ordered on that list;
  • Work out which driver should be sent to that address;
  • Call the driver to ask if he had already been there;
  • If not, check whether the driver still had room in his truck;
  • If he had room, they could phone the loading address to order additional products.

These days, Bouman has exchanged its own trucks for those of Van Zaal Transport. The process is automated and the carrier takes care of everything for the customer, a specialist in garden plants. The only thing that Arie Bouman Tuinplanten now has to do is send over the orders. The orders are then generated in Van Zaal's ERP system. At the same time, an e-mail is sent to each loading address, enabling them to confirm their address, loading time and number of trolleys with a single click. This is required because the customer (in this case Arie Bouman Tuinplanten) is not the same as the loading address (its supplier). If confirmation does not come on time, the haulier phones the supplier. So Van Zaal Transport always knows for sure that they are going to the right place at the right time and that the right number of trolleys will be waiting for them. And if Arie Bouman wants to order additional products at the last minute? They can do so until late on in the process, with a single click, up to twenty minutes before Van Zaal Transport arrives at the supplier.

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