Van Zaal Transport

National distribution

Zones from Aalsmeer
Zones from Venlo
Zones from Zuid-Holland

Van Zaal Transport has an extensive distribution network throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and part of Germany. From single packages to full trolleys: we deliver daily to garden centres, distribution centres and various wholesalers with 24-hour flexibility.

We pick up and consolidate customer orders from various regions at our depots. There, shipments are collected and regrouped, before being taken to the end user or the next depot. We have a total of seven depots: Poelweg (De Kwakel), Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Ammerzoden, Venlo, Rhein-Maas (Germany) and Lochristi (Belgium). All our locations are shown on the map above.

We consider automation to be very important, because it allows you to see at exactly which depot (or other location) your products are during transport. Moreover, as a customer you save time in transmitting orders and our automated system allows us to plan routes as efficiently as possible.

We have divided our transport area into zones based on the location from which we serve customers, as each region has its own centralised dispatch. You can find the zones in the submenus above.

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