Van Zaal Transport

Logistic supplies

To transport your products, you use logistic supplies such as trolleys and pallets. Naturally, you can track the movements of these logistic supplies yourself. At Van Zaal Transport, however, we can also do this for you; on behalf of your customers or yourself. Which means you have one less thing to worry about. You can also hire auction trolleys and Danish trolleys from us.

We record the movements of RFID trolleys (from 7 January 2019 CC TAG5 trolleys), Danish trolleys (including shelves), Royal FloraHolland auction trolleys and Euro-pallets. We do so during transport, at our locations and when making up or modifying the composition of your trolleys. For this purpose, we make use of so-called 'real time registration'. As a result, we always know your current ‘trolley balance’. Of course, you can also view your balance yourself, for example by logging into our web portal or by means of daily or weekly balance update e-mails. You can also use the web portal to notify us of your empties and pass on your orders for auction containers. However, if you prefer, you can do this by e-mail or phone instead.

Our services are made up of different elements, namely:

  • Transport without registration;
  • Transport with registration at your location and your customers' locations;
  • Pallet make-up and registration activities at our locations;
  • Transfer services at all auctions;
  • Have your empties orders delivered daily at the location of your choice;
  • Hire of Danish trolleys, trays and Royal FloraHolland auction trolleys.

You can also use multiple elements at the same time.

Trolley hire
Besides recording trolley movements for you, we can also provide Danish trolleys and Royal FloraHolland trolleys for hire. We mainly transport products on Danish trolleys. You can hire Danish trolleys from us on a daily or annual basis. The rates for hire on a daily basis vary depending on the season. You can hire auction trolleys from us by the day, quarter or year. We make arrangements regarding trolley hire per customer. If you hire auction trolleys on an annual basis, you can naturally hire additional trolleys on a daily basis during peak times. We can transfer balances at all auctions. You can link your auction number to ours, so that you incur no costs at all at FloraHolland. 

We will be happy to tell you about the options. Tailor-made solutions are our strength!  

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