Van Zaal Transport

Collective services

Looking for a single carrier for all your services? If so, you've come to the right place. We provide collective transport of flowers and plants to all regions and major auctions in the Netherlands, Belgium and part of Germany.

We get everywhere
Because we deliver in every region and to all the major auctions, you no longer need a different carrier for each location. It doesn't matter to us whether you only want one trolley shipped or twenty. We're happy to carry any number. We can even transport parcels for you. If you are a grower and you want to ship your goods to different end customers on the same auction, you can place your goods on one trolley. That way, you save costs. And as well as cost, we save you time, thanks to our automated order entry.

Optimum service package
We have our own logistics areas at most auctions, so we can offer customers an optimum service package. For example, if you buy remotely from an auction (KOA), we will accept the goods at our location. After that, we will check the quantities, make up your trolleys, seal everything and bring the products to you. We also offer 'one-stop-docking' at our locations. Private carriers and other transport companies can unload their complete cargoes there. We then take care of further handling, for example by delivering to the customer at the auction or at the auction clock. We also offer internal distribution. This involves picking up and delivering your products within the location, for example at an auction. This means your product is delivered to your customer without going through the auction process.

Arranging inbound logistics services yourself
Finally, more and more exporters, such as wholesalers and garden centres, are choosing to arrange their inbound logistics services themselves. This enables them to decide for themselves what time their goods will arrive, making internal handling more efficient. We can also offer this service. The exporter passes its orders to us. We then make sure the products are picked up and delivered on time. You can also rely on us to deliver on time in so-called "outlying areas", where it is often difficult for exporters to get their products delivered in timely fashion. One of the ways we achieve this is by means of fixed departure times, for example from our location in Venlo.


Times for submitting orders

Day trade means that we load in the morning and that we unload it the same afternoon (before 16:00 in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk and before 18:00 in Boskoop and Bleiswijk). Night transport is the cargo we transport during the night. 

Day trade from South-Holland 
Submit by: 9:30
Ready for transport: 10:00 
(loading in South-Holland en unloading in Aalsmeer/Naaldwijk/Boskoop/Bleiswijk) 

Day trade from Brabant en North-Limburg
Submit by 09:00
Ready for transport: 09:30 

Day trade from region Lochristi (Belgium) 
Submit by: 08:00
Ready for transport: 09:30

Night transport
Submit by: 17:00
'Clock trade' delivered by: 04:00*
BBT trade: before 08:00 uur in the box (at the auction) 
*Times are subject to change, depending on the policy of Royal FloraHolland

Van Zaal Transport operates a scheduled service with fixed depature times for the Royal FloraHolland auctions in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. The times are as follows: 

Depature times from Aalsmeer        Depature times from Naaldwijk
05:30                                                   07:00 
08:30                                                   10:00 
09:45                                                   11:15 
13:00                                                   14:30