Van Zaal Transport has various growers, wholesalers, retailers and garden centres as customers. Every year we carry more than a million Danish trolleys, more than four hundred thousand auction trolleys and more than two hundred thousand other cargo units for them. 

What our customers say about Van Zaal Transport:

Dirk Bouman

Director/owner Arie Bouman Tuinplanten BV

“Van Zaal Transport is our company's house supplier for transport services. We supply garden plants to garden centres, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. We use Van Zaal Transport both to bring the plants from the growers to us and for micro distribution to our customers. Thanks to their wide range of vehicles, they can deliver both large and smaller shipments for us. We are a seasonal company and speed of delivery is an important factor for us. In order to ensure proper coordination, we have aligned our systems. As a result, Van Zaal Transport occupies an important position within our logistical web."

Kristien Smets

Supply Chain Manager Floréac NV

"In the horticulture sector, the efficiency of the internal operations of a trading company stands or falls on smooth and reliable supply. For that reason, several years ago Floréac decided to start loading most of its plants directly from the greenhouse and to work exclusively with Van Zaal Transport for this purpose. The company's expertise and service focus, reliable organisation and good IT framework, supplemented by a team of employees who communicate in a very correct and proactive manner won our confidence – and that initial impression is being confirmed every day! Thanks to and in partnership with Van Zaal Transport, we have been able to take control of the inbound flow, allowing us to plan staff and logistics much more accurately – which in turn translates into lower costs and more room to focus on our own customers!"

Robert Rense

Logistics manager Ranzijn tuin & dier

"Ranzijn Tuin & Dier is a specialist supplier of everything for animals, gardens and homes. Each one of our stores has a large animal department, including an animal clinic. In addition, we offer a wide range of products for homes and gardens. All these products are collected and distributed from the logistics centre in De Kwakel. We rent the building from Van Zaal Transport. We have found Van Zaal Transport to be a reliable partner which contributes ideas in terms of our accommodation requirements and is very flexible in taking care of all aspects of transport to our stores. They resolve the challenges we face in a no-nonsense manner. This is exactly the attitude that suits our ambition to grow our number of branches in the years to come just as we have in the recent past."