Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is very important to us as a company. For this reason, we support various social initiatives and like to make environmentally-conscious choices.

For example, the Aalsmeer Flower Tour (ABT) is one of the wonderful social initiatives we are proud to support. The Aalsmeer Flower Tour is a biennial event in which sponsors and volunteers enable people with disabilities to take a tour in a truck or another special vehicle. Besides providing trucks and drivers, we invite them in for a drink and a bite to eat after the tour. In addition, we support the splendid Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Foundation, which collect money for cancer research. We are also an accredited training company and teach primary school children about a truck's blind spot.

We are also proud of the environmentally-friendly choices we make as a company. This is reflected in our membership of Benefits of Nature, for example. Together with this organisation, we are working to make Van Zaal Transport a more sustainable company. We do so by calculating our carbon footprint, which represents the impact of our activities on the environment. Using this information, we look at which aspects we can make more sustainable. Other environmentally-conscious choices include actively recording and reducing fuel consumption and heating our units in De Kwakel ourselves by recycling energy.