• maandag 30 oktober 2017

Fuel surcharge: November 2017

De KWAKEL - The fuel surcharge for November 2017 has been set. It is 9%, based on the fuel price on 30 October 2017, which was €1.1104.
You can find this on the 'Diesel surcharge' page under the heading 'News' on our website.
  • woensdag 4 oktober 2017

Fuel surcharge: October 2017

De KWAKEL - The fuel surcharge for October 2017 has been set. It is 9%, based on the fuel price on 27 September 2017, which was €1.1021.


You can find this on the 'Diesel surcharge' page under the heading 'News' on our website. If you would like to receive a monthly e-mail when the monthly fuel surcharge is set, please click here to subscribe to our 'fuel surcharge e-mail'. 

  • vrijdag 17 februari 2017

Van Zaal Transport launches new website

DE KWAKEL – On Friday 17 February, transport firm Van Zaal Transport launched its new website. The new website replaces its eight-year-old predecessor and has a fresher look and is easier to navigate.


The new website was launched in style: at exactly 10:00, our employee Denise, who built the website with website developers from AASHQ, pressed a big button. At that point, the site officially went live and those present were able to view it while enjoying a slice of cake. The address of the website is unchanged: Van Zaal is very pleased with the new website. "It has a more contemporary look and the menu layout is much simpler," says Denise. The site was extensively tested before going live. A panel of employees was asked to give feedback and a number of customers were also asked for their opinions. "Our customers are the people who use our website, so it is very important that they like it", explains Denise.

Besides the website, the new promo video was also launched. It was made in December 2016 in collaboration with Lakerveld Mediaproducties and partly recorded at F.N. Kempen, a business associate of the transport firm. You can watch the video on YouTube and on the 'About us' page on the new website.

Photo: a pie with the text 'Our new website is online' on it. 

  • zaterdag 11 februari 2017

New Mercedes trucks for Van Zaal Transport

DE KWAKEL - The first four new Mercedes trucks have been delivered to Van Zaal Transport. Seven more will follow shortly.

The first four Mercedes trucks were delivered on Friday 10 February by Biemond & Van Wijk, the Mercedes dealer in Aalsmeer. Fleet manager Marc Smit took receipt of the keys. "I'm very happy that they are here. They'll be heading out onto the roads on Tuesday", says Marc.

One of the reasons why Van Zaal Transport chose Mercedes was the fuel-efficiency of the trucks. Biemond & Van Wijk is pleased that Van Zaal chose Mercedes. They bought a cake with them to congratulate the transport firm.

  • vrijdag 27 januari 2017

Successful launch of partnership between Van Zaal Transport and Intratuin

DE KWAKEL – This month saw the successful launch of the partnership between garden centre chain Intratuin and transport firm Van Zaal Transport. Both firms are enthusiastic about the partnership.

In December 2016, the two firms reached an agreement: starting in January 2017, Van Zaal Transport would provide all transport from Intratuin Groen Centrum (IGC) to all 60 Intratuin centres. In addition, they are providing a large part of the transport from growers to IGC.

Van Zaal Transport are happy to be serving Intratuin. "They are a prestigious name and we are proud to be able to drive for them", says owner Merijn van Zaal. "It also represents a significant increase in scale." Intratuin also represents a perfect match with the haulier's national distribution network. Van Zaal Transport carries cargo in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany, which is exactly where Intratuin's centres are located.

Intratuin is also pleased with the partnership with the transport firm based in Noord-Holland. “Van Zaal Transport is a pioneering partner in terms of automation. Their entire process is automated: from order entry to settlement. That's brilliant for us, because it means we don't have to worry about any of that, which saves us a lot of time. Besides that, we always know where the inbound and outbound products are", says Arjen Drok of Intratuin. "Plus, Van Zaal Transport is a tightly run organisation and the lines of communication are short, which is important to us."

Winning Intratuin as a customer means that Van Zaal Transport is now a supplier to all the major garden centre chains in the Netherlands. In addition, the haulage firm ships goods for all the branches of various Dutch DIY chains. Van Zaal Transport also serves various Belgian garden centres.

Photo: a Van Zaal Transport truck at an Intratuin shop.  

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